Since 2018, I’ve been a co-editor and producer of KQED’s pop culture podcast The Cooler. From Toxic Masculinity to Yanny vs. Laurel and how to be culturally appropriate with emojis, The Cooler team has your back! Here are a few of my favorite episodes.


BD Wong on Coming Out in Hollywood and the Power in Being Yourself, February 2019

This week, we are joined by a brilliant actor who’s been in—pardon my French—a sh*t ton of movies, television shows and theater productions. Jurassic Park, ever heard of it? Law and Order: SVU, hello! Mulan, Oz, Mr. Robot, M Butterfly and A.C.T.'s The Great Leap. The list goes on. Put some respect on his name: it’s BD Wong! 

Boys Don't Cry (But They Totally Should!), January 2019

We've got 99 problems and toxic masculinity is all of them, so we're talking about the Gilette ad, the APA labeling traditional masculinity "harmful," all the toxic masculinity in the news (Louis CK, Kevin Hart and R Kelly) and also some men who are great examples of what masculinity can be.

Chani Nicholas on Healing Astrology, Mercury Retrograde and What Our Future Holds

This week, we are joined by cosmic goddess Chani Nicholas. You’re probably one of the million readers who flock to her wildly popular astrology blog every month. And if you’re not, that’s about to change.