In February 2019, I partnered with one of my favorite Oakland columnists, Pendarvis Harshaw, to launch the first arts show that KQED has created in over ten years: Rightnowish. Every week, we speak with a creator who is inspired by the Bay Area to understand how they do what they do. Here are a few of my favorite episodes (so far).


Aneesa Strings grew up playing in Oakland public schools and at the local nonprofit, Oaktown Jazz. She just released a single, called "Lovealution," from her forthcoming second studio album. She says the song explores the validity of nature—the only thing, she likes to say, that's not a scam.

We catch up with Donté Clark at Nicholl Park in Richmond, not too far from where he went to school. He told us how his experiences in Richmond helped him to find his voice—both in the sense of what to talk about, and how to say it.


We caught up with Astu at Zoo Labs in West Oakland, where she just ended an artist residency. We had a little chat about arts, community and the delightful, insightful skits on her latest album, Patterns.