I'm Ashleyanne Krigbaum, and I make all kinds of radio happen.
KQED 88.5FM is my home base, where I produce Rightnowish. I can still be found on air at KALW 91.7FM from time to time too. When I'm not in a radio station, I'm most likely DJing a wicked dance party, creating immersive audio tours, or making my own radio stories.

In my natural habitat. Photo by  Lily Chou

In my natural habitat. Photo by Lily Chou

I have been a producer and on-air DJ in the Bay Area public radio community for over 10 years. From 2014 to 2018, I hosted KALW’s The Spot, a weekly radio showcase of the best stories from podcasts and independent audio makers. During that time, I was also the weekday afternoon host of NPR’s All Things Considered on KALW. I also like to brag about the times I have worked with Pop-Up Magazine, NPR Music, Salon, and the NYT, and the podcasts This American Life, 99% Invisible, Reply All, Radiolab, The Heart, The Bay, and The California Report Magazine. When a free moment flies my way, I've been known to write too many letters and sculpt beehives the good, ol' fashioned way. I'm also happy talking to big audiences about making great radio.

MUSE Award for Audio Experiences (Gold), 2018
GLAMi for Best Museum Wide Guide or Program, 2017
SF Weekly Best Local Music Podcast, 2017
KCRW's 24-Hour Radio Race Social Butterfly Award, 2014
Jonathan Toubin's Soul Clap & Dance-Off, San Francisco 2012
Hard French Winter Ball Dance-Off, 2011